about andy

As a 12 year old I bought a 6-channel mixer and some microphones and started recording the band I played in to 2-track cassette tape.
Soon thereafter I thought a mixer with more inputs and some speakers would suit the band and our infrequent gigs much better. A 12-channel active mixer, some more microphones and a pair of wedges you could also use as a vocal PA for gigs ended up doing the job.
We could still use the L/R output to record our music and use the AUX send for the wedges. Brilliant.

When I started working in music stores at age 15, I stopped playing music and started buying equipment for an 8-track home recording studio. Occasionally I recorded friendsí bands for fun. My momís basement had plenty of space to record a 6-piece band playing together.

At 23 I had a new job and started mixing an ex coworkers bands gigs. When they wanted to record their first (and sadly last) CD we used my further advanced home studio. It ended up being a 24-channel mixer, a 16-track 1/2Ē and racks full of outboard gear.
My boss at the time was also involved in a sound and lighting company who needed a sound engineer. After work, on weekends and vacations I mixed shows with their gear, mixed sound for my friendsí band and recorded other bands in my studio.
I wanted my hobby to become my new profession.

In January 1997 - I was 25 - my bossí sound company became the sound vendor for a Gospel Tour that had been touring through Germany and Europe for many years. They asked me to become their FOH engineer on the road. I gladly traded jobs and have been touring ever since.

In 1998 I started mixing Monitors. 1999 I landed my first big gig touring the country with an arena band, mixing their monitor sound.

My work connected me with Audio-Rent Clair in Europe in 2001.
I was fortunate that they needed a monitor engineer who could mix bands from the USA, touring in Europe. I was there and became their go to guy at the time. In 2003 one of these clients sponsored my first US work visa.
Since then my client list evolved and I have toured most of the world with some amazing artists, playing amazing shows.